New Favorite Jeans 

  So these Rockstar jeans from Old Navy, really make me feel like a rockstar! Okay super corny, but really, these jeans are fantastic. I never thought I would love old navy jeans this much, let alone jeans in general. I'm such a leggings girl! These are so soft and comfortable I'm probably going to... Continue Reading →

Sunday Recipe Week 3

This Sunday I really wanted a good ol' classic. So I chose Chicken Alfredo. I haven't had this in a long time and I love it  so I, of course, went to Pinterest to find a recipe. This turned out amazing! The next time I make this I will be adding either broccoli or spinach... Continue Reading →

Comfy, Casual, Cardigan

  Lou & Grey Shorts | Sweater | Camisole So somedays I just don't feel like getting dressed. Today was one of those days. I had so many things to get done and wanted to get right to it. After a quick workout, I threw on my favorite shorts and new favorite cardigan that I... Continue Reading →

Homegoods Finds 

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am currently redoing my room. I've been slowly picking up different pieces here and there to replace some things that matched the old design. I was looking for something to do this past Saturday so I decided to head to homegoods to check in on their selection.... Continue Reading →

Sunday Recipe Week 2

Last weeks recipe was so yummy I wanted to make it again! But I decided to try something new this week. I've been craving  Japanese food lately but I never really order it because it bothers me not knowing exactly what is in my food. So, I took to Pinterest to find a Japanese inspired... Continue Reading →

Off-the-Shoulder Stripes

The weather in PA has been so unpredictable lately. On Monday it was 90 degrees and yesterday it was only 75. It felt so much like fall weather that I wanted to get in the fall spirit and go sweater shopping! Since there is still a good bit of summer left, I decided to push... Continue Reading →

Laid-Back Lace

I love finding a great top that can be dressed up and dressed down easily. This lace Anthropologie top is the perfect lace-staple for any closet. I paired this top with my light-washed PacSun jeans and blush Jack Rogers for a day of shopping. I haven't gone anywhere this summer without my pink Kate Spade... Continue Reading →

Oh Happy Sunday…

Sunday... aka the day before Monday that everyone dreads. Every Sunday is pretty much the same for me, so you can expect this type of blog every Sunday! It goes like this: wake up, clean, possibly shop, grocery shop, cook, read, sleep. So much fun... The hardest thing for a lot of working gals (and... Continue Reading →

Off to Manhattan… 

Just a little about myself: I love Manhattan! I have always wanted to pack up everything I own, catch a bus, and move to Manhattan. The hustle and bussel, fashion, way of living, and pretty much everything else about Manhattan is what I want my life to be like. But for now, I will settle... Continue Reading →

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